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The Brand

Hierbas de Ibiza Perfumes was born to become a referent among the so called niche fragrances, and, from such moment on, it has not ceased to earn international successes, hailed around the world by a legion of unconditional fans that have raised it to the category of “fetish brand”.

Its origins go back to 1965, when Spanish jewelers Torres created a perfume of their own to accompany their exclusive jewelry collections.

Three decades later, brothers Torres Sagrera of the following family generation decided to reinterpret and perfect such initiative, thus creating Hierbas de Ibiza Perfumes.

Today, the most significant acknowledgements to the qualities of Hierbas de Ibiza come not only from the United States and Europe, but from the whole world. Always maintaining a special rigorousness in each selling license granted, these products may be found at the most luxury and trendy boutiques of the main capitals of the planet:

• Aedes de Venustas (Nueva York)
• Al Sacro Cuore (Bolonia)
• Bals Tokyo (Tokio)
• Barneys Ney York (Nueva York)
• Excelsior Milano (Milán)
• Quartier 206 (Berlín)

• Peony (Melbourne)
• Santa Eulalia (Barcelona)
• Santa Rosa Parfumerie (Toulouse)
• Senteurs d’Ailleurs (Bruselas)
• Skinlife (Lisboa)
• Taïzo Institut Parfumeur (Cannes)


In spite of such intense international projection, at their small location in Ibiza, manufacturers continue to be faithful to the family business values where every detail is observed with the utmost care.

The unisex fragrance of its signature scent concentrates the very best of the island, providing it with unique and inimitable nuances, thus maintaining and exquisite balance. We cannot forget about the singular and unmistakable design, the determination to favor quality over quantity, and a know-how which turned the brand into an object of desire which knows no borders.

The commercial format line includes Fresh Cologne, Bar Soap, Bath Salts from Ibiza Salt Flats, Shower Gel, Moisturizing Body Lotion and numbered series Solid Cologne in silver box. All this know-how of Hierbas de Ibiza joined the contrasted experience of LANDE, leader in high-end Welcome Gifts, to develop a toiletries line with soul and charm, radically different from every other product existing up to now.

This new concept of niche toiletries entails a great opportunity for the hotel business, a revolution to its continuing progression towards excellence, enabling a very well positioned brand and with so much prestige around the world, to be accessible to guests.








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