The signature toiletries...

a revolution in the sector

  • The Bath and Shower Gel of the toiletries line

    Bath Gel



    ‘Fresh, as dew of dawn.’
    It leaves the body with such pleasant fresh sensation which feels so good!
  • The Shampoo of the toiletries line




    ‘Foaming, as sea waves.’
    Having to wash your hair is almost an excuse to use this shampoo which is a blast!
  • The Hair Conditioner of the toiletries line

    Hair Conditicr.



    ‘Soft, as sunset.’
    With aloe vera, it leaves the hair smooth, detangled and with antifreeze effect, ready to comb.
  • The Moisturizing Body Milk of the toiletries line

    Body Balm



    ‘Moisturizing, with almond oil and beeswax.’
    To end the daily bath ritual with a smooth and soft skin, free of grease.
  • The Toilet Soap of the toiletries line wrapped with paper

    Toilet Soap



    Like ‘the old one’… but with a modern square cut and even fresher!

The Essentials

Called ‘essentials’ because they cannot be absent from any high standing or luxury accommodation: Shower Gel, Shampoo, Hair Conditioner, Moisturizing Body Cream and Toilette Soap. They are also of the greatest added value; those to be appreciated by the guests as a precious gift shining among the room services, and which will attract their attention right after they go through the bathroom door.

Both the presentation and the formulations were taken care of up to the tiniest details, and such characteristics place these Welcome Gifts with a strong personality totally at odds with the standard, imprinting a quality seal clearly appreciated by the user.

Hotel soap dispensers with and without wall mount Triple wall mount hotel dispenser with bath gel, shampoo and hair conditioner

The bottle for instance, with a capacity of 1.7 fl.oz., is a faithful reproduction in scale of the award winning original glass jar. The inimitable fresh fragrance of Hierbas de Ibiza, unisex, is a satisfaction guarantee if the guest is male, female or a family. The minimalistic white Presentation Tray, also design by us (see the picture below), guarantees the perfect integration of such toiletries either in a modern bathroom as in a rustic environment. Here is a link where a promotional video of Villa Roca luxury manor may be appreciated.

The brand concept has thus fostered a small revolution, providing the hotel sector with niche toiletries, pioneer initiative which opens new possibilities for an exclusive and differentiated positioning. Undoubtedly, they will be a great ally to reveal against the prevailing international uniformity and to consolidate an image of singularity and authenticity that every hotel attempts to project.

These toiletries indeed guarantee high complicity with the guest, enabling the hotel to be remembered once clients abandon the facilities after their stay, building up their loyalty in the end. Here is an abstract of an article published in a renowned travel magazine, since we would not be able to better describe the relevance of toiletries in the hotel business:

Guests that will choose their accommodation among the many range of hotel establishments that Eurostars hosts at the main European cities, will be privileged enjoying a unique brand in their bath during their stay. Those who decide to book in the USA and South America will be also lucky to experience the same treatment. The Eurostars Hotel Company, which belongs to the Hotusa group, stands up for bringing together a high-end co-branded campaign between a perfume brand and a such well-know Spanish Hotel group. One in a lifetime opportunity to be delighted thanks to the exclusive experience. This partnership allows both brands to build a stronger picture of their own corporative image and therefore, raising themselves together within a top position.”
(The Luxury Trends Magazine, February 2016)

Large room, care interiors, a very well-known decorator, harmonious furniture or state-of-the-art technology might be darkened if small details are not taken care of. One of those jewels that make a place to stand out as compared to others may be found at the most intimate place for the guest, the bathroom of the room chosen. Based on the Hotel level and the room category, expectations are, or may be, greater (…). The Barceló chain, at its 5 star Monasterio de Boltaña de Huesca, bets for the Hierbas de Ibiza toiletries to surprise its clients.”
(Viajeros Magazine, April/May 2012)

Bottles 50 ml. 1.7 fl.oz. │ Soap 30 gr. 1 oz. │ Tray 23 cm. 9 inches │ Full scale 1:1 in screens with a 0.27 mm dot pitch